Sunday, July 26, 2009

Garden Gnome Carnage - Week 2

I just found out there is a video game out there called Garden Gnome Carnage, and I must say it does sound interesting. A good way for a Gnome to get away from it all and pretend to be in another world, a world of death and destruction!

This game combines a few of life's most interesting pleasures: explosions, bungee and, well, more explosions! Garden Gnome Carnage is a pretty unique arcade game where you move a building left and right to swing a gnome who is attached to the top of it around in order to protect that building from invading elves. The gnome can also pick up bricks from the building and throw them at the invaders. Your goal is to stop elves from reaching the chimney by knocking them off, shaking them off, calling in airstrikes or your gnome grabs explosive bricks from your building and drops them on your foes.

Apparently, we garden gnomes are vehemently against the crass commerciality of Christmas and harbour an enduring hatred against elves because of their well-known saying:
Beware of elves bearing gifts.

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